Technology solution to produce bumper crops launched
PESHAWAR: ‘Aqua Agro’, a start-up of the National Incubation Centre Karachi, has launched a technology solution to facilitate the farmers in producing bumper crops with less quantity of water.
The ‘Al’ and ‘loT’ based water monitor technology has been introduced by the NIC Karachi which will help reduce 50 per cent consumption of water during the cultivation of corps, read an official document available with APP.
The document pointed out that the startup ‘Aqua Agro’ had used natively developed solar-powered IOT enabled devices and deployed them in the fields to monitor ecological conditions such as soil wetness, temperature, humidity, and various other parameters.
Later, all this data collected from the farms was then sent to an AI based cloud platform that made the decision for the farmers on whether the crop needed irrigation or not.
Highlighting other initiatives, it said the NIC Peshawar’s incubate, smart tubewell, was now managing water delivery far more intelligently at several locations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Similarly, the NIC Lahore incubate was designing a new jet engine, which eliminated contrails in jet engine exhausts, that caused up to 20% of global warming.
NIC Karachi's Trashit converted organic waste to fertilizer and was handling two tons daily of waste in Karachi, it added. - APP