Safety measures can fight out coronavirus: Governor
LAHORE: Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said on Sunday that coronavirus could be defeated only through precautionary/safety measures for which every single person of the society would have to play his/her role.
Talking to the media here, he called for getting prepared to eliminate coronavirus with such determination as being fight with the country’s enemies. Coronavirus was jeopardizing economies of even developed countries and had become the biggest challenge for the world, while Europe was locked down completely.
He mentioned that Prime Minister Imran Khan was monitoring all anti-corona measures and also issuing necessary directives and ensuring release of funds to health and other relevant departments on daily basis.
Governor Sarwar said coronavirus had not only become a danger for the government or an institution but for the 220 million people of Pakistan, however, there was no need to get panicky over it but adopt precautionary measures and there should be no laxity in this regard.
He said federal and Punjab governments were taking effective anti-corona steps and Prime Minister Imran Khan was looking after all the matters on daily basis and funds were being released where needed.
He added that no doubt, precautionary and safety measures were the only easy way to cope with this dreadful virus that was why every one was being advised to avoid unnecessary visits to markets or any public place, and ensure hands washing frequently and do not embrace people as according to doctors, this pandemic was spreading mainly due to hand shaking and embracing, therefore, any carelessness in safety measures could be fatal.
Chaudhry Sarwar said: “We have set up special wards to cope with coronavirus in both the hospitals being run by Sarwar Foundation one each at Chechawatni and Rijana where doctors and other paramedical staff as well as medicines are available.” – APP