Jahangir Tareen ‘shocked’ at false allegations levelled against him in sugar inquiry report
Statesman Report
LAHORE: PTI leader Jahangir Tareen said Thursday he was shocked at the false allegations levelled against him in the sugar inquiry report which was released Thursday after approval from Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Tareen, responding to report and the briefing, said: “I am shocked at the kind of false allegations levelled against me. I have always run a clean business. All Pakistan knows I always pay full price to my growers.”
“I DO NOT maintain 2 sets of Books. I pay all my taxes diligently. I will answer every allegation and be vindicated IA,” he said.
‘Real culprit Imran Khan’
For his part, PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif said that the report is “nothing but falsehood” and that the commission did not record the statement of the “real culprit Imran Khan”.
Speaking in Geo News’ programme “Capital Talk”, he said that “PM Imran is behind the scandal”.
“My children have been named in the inquiry report but they did not export sugar.”
Meanwhile, PML-N’s Malik Ahmad Khan said that the federal and Punjab governments did not hold anyone responsible for providing subsidies.
“They had to identify the ones responsible [for giving subsidies] in the report, which they failed to do,” he said, adding: “Was action taken against those who gave false reports to the prime minister?”
Khan said that the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) was looking after matters pertaining the sugar mills and they did “not mention” anything about double records.
“The inquiry commission’s main objective was to probe the export of one million tonnes worth of sugar which they did not do,” he said.
He claimed that during Shehbaz’s government, the price of sugarcane was not reduced nor was the price of sugar allowed to increase.
Moonis Elahi backs inquiry commission
Reacting to the statement, Pakistan Muslim League Quaid (PML-Q) leader Moonis Elahi, in a tweet, said: “As stated earlier I am not involved in the management nor am I on the board of any Sugar Mill.”
“I strongly support the recommendation of commission to control satta/speculation including new legislation to help government control sugar price manipulation,” he said.
‘Commission’s goal was
to pinpoint opponents’
Talking about Sindh, the provincial government’s spokesperson, Murtaza Wahab, said that the report which Akbar presented was based on “false allegations”.
“The inquiry commission had to probe the matters pertaining to the years 2019 and 2020,” Wahab said, adding: “2017 and 18 were not mentioned in the TORs or maybe they are trying to save some people.”
Wahab said that they have reservations if the commission’s goal was to “pinpoint political opponents”. “Punjab gave subsidy in 2019-20.”
The Sindh government spokesperson said that the Centre had “Bilawal Bhutto and Murad Ali Shah” phobia and that the parametre of the inquiry was being broadened so that the actual people responsible “could not be” identified. “Those who are responsible for this act should be handcuffed but they need to identify them. Centre permitted sugar export not Sindh,” said Wahab.