P&D Department adopts innovative approach for AIP 2020-21
PESHAWAR: The Planning & Development (P&D) Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has organized a series of workshops and consultations of its Section Chiefs to finalise a sector-wise plans for the second year of Accelerated Implementation Programme (AIP, 2020-21), said a news release.
The objective of holding workshops and consultative meetings was to orient and engage these officers on the PAMFRAME methodology, which has been recently adopted by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to foster development reforms in the Merged Areas. This new approach to the entire sector programming focuses on the identification of inputs, outputs and outcomes by indicating rational linkages between them.
PAM, an acronym of Programming Approaches / Analytics & Measures, has been devised and applied as a planning tool to all the development sectors of the Merged Areas’ AIP resulting in the elaboration of sector frameworks, and thus called as PAMFRAMES. That is how the Planning and Development Department has developed an approach in consultation with the Implementing Departments for all their sectors based on which investments can be planned and progress can be measured through interventions and indicators that are logically-planned, result-oriented, systematically-organised and context-specific.
The Planning and Development Department, after weeks of internal deliberations on the PAMFRAME design led by the Additional Chief Secretary, Shakeel Qadir Khan, and the Chief Economist, Nauman Afzal Afridi, launched the application of the new programming methodology in February 2020.
Since then, more than 171 officers of senior and middle cadre have been engaged directly in a series of 8 PAM workshops covering 13 departments and 18 sectors. These departments included Education, Industries, Agriculture, Communication & Works, Local Government, Public Health Engineering, Home & Tribal Affairs, Irrigation and Forestry. Separate discussions were also organised with the departments of Health, Energy and Minerals Development at a later stage. All the attached directorates and field units of these departments were covered as well.
Section Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs and Research Officers of the Planning and Development Department participated in the last round of these workshops and consultations this week. - APP