Utility Stores raised rates of various household items

Statesman Report

ISLAMABAD: The Utility Stores Corporation has increased the prices of various items household items including ghee and cooking oil.

As per details, a notification has been issued to increase the prices of items at utility stores with immediate effect.

According to the notification, the price of cooking oil has been increased by Rs 17 per liter, the rates of brand ghee have been raised by Rs 4 per kg and a liter pack of brand milk has increased by Rs 5 from Rs 147 to Rs 152, while the rate of cereals for children has increased between Rs 20 – Rs 38.

According to the notification, the prices of milk, tea whitener, and coffee have also been increased while the price of brand shampoo has been increased from Rs 9 to Rs 20, which has increased the price of a 90 mg bottle of shampoo from Rs 89 to Rs 98, furthermore, the rates for detergents at utility stores have also been increased.