Slow release, utilisation of budgets hinder progress in science and technology sector
ISLAMABAD: Senate's Standing Committee on Science and Technology in a meeting held here termed slow release and utilisation of budgets as the main cause of lagging behind in the Science and Technology sector.
Chairman Committee, Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan took notice of slow release and utilization of budgets. He deemed this a major concern and the main reason for slow progress of Science and Technology in the country. The committee discussed in detail the compliance report on recommendations by the Committee submitted by Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST). Reviewing budgetary allocation, the committee recommended a detailed review in the next meeting in the presence of Secretary Ministry of Science and Technology.
The meeting commenced with an introduction of Dr. Sarah Qureshi, Aerospace Engineer from Pakistan. Dr. Sarah Qureshi attended the meeting and briefed the Committee about her achievements and work. Dr. Sarah Qureshi, CEO of Aero Engine Craft developed a Pollution free engine for airplanes to help reduce the global warming. She holds a Master’s degree in Aerospace Dynamics as well as a PhD in Aerospace Propulsion from Cranfield University, United Kingdom. Her development has taken the global Aerospace Industry by storm. Dr. Sarah was of the view that time was a crucial factor for progress in technology, and in order to move ahead the Science and Technology sector in Pakistan must ensure that processes were formulated to save time. She added that in the technology sector, the fast will eat the slow. She stressed the need for commercialization of technology projects in Pakistan.
While discussing compliance report on recommendations by the Committee submitted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Committee took serious notice of lack of preparedness of the ministry. - APP
The committee reviewed individual cases and directed the ministry that inquiry reports must be submitted to the committee.