SHC directs DG private schools to sit with stakeholders to resolve matter of exorbitant charges
KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday stopped the administration of a private school to demand exorbitant charges and referred the matter to Director General (DG) Private Schools Dr Mansoob Hussain Siddiqui to resolve the matter in consultation with the stakeholders.
A division bench of the SHC, comprising Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar and Justice Yousuf Ali Sayeed heard a case against administration of a private school challenging demand of exorbitant charges by the respondent school in monthly school fees under different heads like sports, lab and photo copy.
The division bench directed that the matter be settled in joint sittings by all stakeholders include the school administration, the DG Private Schools and parents by March 19.
DG Private Schools Dr Mansoob Hussain appeared before the bench, told the court that all charges other than tuition fees were illegal and five per cent fees could only be increased annually.
The bench observed that why those charges which are not allowed in the rules and regulations, are being obtained by the school administration.
The petitioners include six parents along with All Sindh Parents Association (ASPA) had moved to the court against the exorbitant charges under different heads. - APP