Kremlin urges sick journalists to stay away from Putin due to virus
Moscow: The Kremlin on Friday asked journalists feeling unwell to stay away from events with President Vladimir Putin over fears of infecting Russia’s leader with the coronavirus.
“I want to urge all members of the Kremlin press pool, chief editors of all media, journalists who cover the president’s work at the Kremlin to be especially vigilant when it comes to any signs of the coronavirus,” said Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov. “If you have a runny nose, if you cough, if you have chills…please do not come to the Kremlin. Do not take part in journalistic work in the Kremlin!”
He said Putin’s schedule had not been affected by the spread of the coronavirus so far, adding that “the president is working full throttle, as always.”
Peskov declined to say whether Putin had been tested for the coronavirus.
The 67-year-old Russian president made an unscheduled appearance in parliament this week where he stunned the establishment by backing legislation. – AFP